Hello all users!

I'm here to remind you all to vote for the server, we are a small community that wants to grow and become a larger and happier community!

Why should I vote?
  • In game rewards
  • We sometimes give rewards to top voters
  • You're supporting the server and helping us grow!
How do I vote?
We have made it easier than ever, simply go to https://vote.dragon-mine.com/ and vote on all the sites on one page!

Thank you!
Hello all!

I'm glad to announce we have finally made our long needed economy adjustments to the server. We have added loads of new items to the shop and have adjusted the current pricing of things.

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Hello all users!

After great recommendation, both as a funding source and a need to buy extra claim blocks, we have added claim blocks to the server store: https://store.dragon-mine.com/category/38890 use coupon "MarchLovesClaimBlocks" for 50% off until the 1st of April.

Thank you.
Hello all users!

We have a new custom plugin for random teleportation!

After a series of complaints regarding people spawning inside blocks after running /rtp we have had a custom plugin made which no longer does this.

The server is now booting...

Thank you,
Hello all,

You may have noticed the server has been offline for a short period of time, we now support a great worldwide connection, this is how it works: [​IMG]

We hope players enjoy this upgrade, thank you!
Please to let people know maintenance is finished and you may now connect
Please note the server is currently offline due to hardware upgrades and security updates
Greating all users, would you be interested in a discord server? Answer the poll and reply why
Hello all members!

We would like you all to give a warm welcome to our new admin @HoloPanio

@HoloPanio Has already introduced himself here: https://dragon-mine.com/threads/i-am-just-your-not-so-average-joe.5/ (not too sure how accurate it is though)